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5 Signs A Beginner Needs Driving Education

Driving education can benefit everyone, but it's especially valuable for beginning motorists. If you're trying to figure out whether you or a loved one could use beginner's driving education courses, here are five signs it might help.


Whether someone has lifelong and generalized anxiety issues or just feels nervous once they think about driving, the important thing is to start building confidence. Ideally, you want to build confidence in a safe and structured environment. When a beginner makes mistakes, they should have the opportunity to stop and review them so they can understand the sequence of events. Likewise, they should learn what the vehicle is and how to safely operate it.

Excess Confidence

Some beginning drivers operate at the other end of the spectrum. They believe that they're endlessly smart and indestructible. Such drivers may be dangerous because they don't see the faults in their skills. If you're worried about an overly confident beginner, driving education courses can help them develop some perspective. They can learn about defensive situations and how even the most in-control driver needs to prepare for possibilities that are out of their control.

Trouble Executing Maneuvers

Driving is about more than how someone feels. It is a technical undertaking that requires you to execute a host of maneuvers. Parallel parking is a classic example of beginner's driving education. The motorist needs to pull up slightly ahead of a parking spot and then use a three-point maneuver to park the vehicle squarely. Likewise, they need to do this quickly and without too much disruption to traffic.

Some beginners don't show trouble with maneuvering until they take the practical portion of the test or get out on the road. If a motorist is having a tough time in practical situations, that's a strong sign they could use beginner's driving education.

Moving Violations

Some beginning drivers don't start well. A few even manage to collect moving violations before they've logged too much time in a vehicle. If you're dealing with a beginner who's already collecting tickets, it may be wise to schedule some driving education sessions for them.

Limited Knowledge of Basics

Even naturally skilled drivers may struggle with identifying the endless array of signs and road markings that dot the real-world landscape. If a beginner seems to struggle to internalize all of these details, you may want to have them go through driving education to pick up the basics. This can be especially helpful if they've struggled to pass the on-paper portion of the driving test. 

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