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Put Labels On The Following Things When You Send Your Child To Daycare

It's common to take your child to daycare with a variety of things each morning, but if you want to increase the probability that your child still has them in his or her possession when you pick the child up later in the day, putting labels on them is important. Their day at daycare can be exciting and filled with adventure, and this can mean that a child may have trouble keeping track of what is his or hers versus what belongs to the daycare or one or the other children in attendance. Here are some things that you'll especially want to label once your child is going to daycare.


You might expect your child to wear whatever you dress him or her in throughout the entire day at daycare, but this isn't always the case. Spills, temperature changes, and other issues can often prompt your child to remove an article of clothing — and perhaps set it aside and not think of it again. Labels in each article of clothing will help daycare staff to make sure that these things go home with your child. At the least, you should be writing your child's initials on the tags of the clothing. If you're really dedicated, you can sew or iron labels onto the inside of the clothing.


If your child is enrolled at a daycare where you supply his or her lunch and snacks, you'd be wise to label a number of food-related things, too. Put labels on the child's lunch kit, as well as on the individual plastic containers, cutlery, and any other items that your child carries each day. This will not only help daycare staff to identify the things that your child might leave behind, but it can prevent confusion about whose food is whose when your child is sharing a table at lunch with several other kids.


Daycare centers are filled with toys that the children can use, so it's not usually necessary to send your child to daycare with his or her own toys. However, if your child has a toy that he or she wants to take for show and tell or just to play with during the day, putting a label on it will be advantageous. If the daycare has a similar toy, a label on your child's item will prevent any confusion at the end of the day when the child wants to take his or her toy back home.